Hi, my name is Matt.

Secondary mathematics educator. Self-taught programmer. Retro video game enthusiast. Family man.

Curriculum Vitae

With a MS in Instructional Technology and BA in Mathematics, I have been a high school mathematics teacher since 2012, periodically leading countywide professional development on topics of technology related to mathematics curriculum. I have also served as webmaster for my school's website, tested new features for our learning management system, and regularly assisted department and faculty members with various school-related technologies.

My curriculum vitae is available for download here.


Since the start of 2017, I have learned Java, JavaScript, Node.js, HTML, and CSS, and created a number of open source projects using these technologies. I have utilized a couple libraries, including jQuery, AngularJS, and Bootstrap, in the creation of some of these projects, for specific interface designs, while others are written using pure JavaScript. My collection of GitHub repositories can be found here.


I can be reached at matt.braddock@gmail.com.