Available Courses

There are two courses available:

They can be referred to by their full name or the short name in parentheses.

Interacting on Twitter

If you tweet at the bot @braddock_canvas, you need to include two things:

Example: @braddock_canvas geo gt homework

Setting Up Discord

After you have invited the bot to your server, you can have it monitor courses and send out messages when an announcement is created or an assignment is created (similar to the Twitter bot).

To do so, a user with administrative privileges must send a message that does the following:

Example: @Mr. Braddock’s Canvas add Advanced Algebra #math-class

Interacting on Discord

Interacting with the Discord bot works very similarly to interacting with the Twitter bot. You must tag the bot, include a course, and what information you want.

Example: @Mr. Braddock’s Canvas adv alg tests