Hi, my name is Matt.


teaching · coding · gaming · art


I have completed a number of speedruns for retro games, primarily on the Game Boy platform. Additionally, I have performed at a number of speedrunning marathons, including Awesome Games Done Quick and Buckeye Speed Bash. All of my personal bests can be found on speedrun.com.

Tool-Assisted Speedrun (TAS)

In 2019, I improved on the existing Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins TAS by over a minute, utilizing tricks and glitches not present in the 9 year old TAS. Thanks to the help of the user MUGG, a final time of 20:49 was achieved. The TAS, along with submission notes, can be found on TASVideos.


As an introductory project to learn how to code, I created a randomizer for Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. It began as a Java program, but I rewrote the entire program in JavaScript to increase accessibility. Eventually, with the help of a ROM hacker named toruzz, the randomizer's possibilities increased twofold. It is available online now.