Partial Point Buy Calculator for D&D 5e

This calculator implements partial point buy for determining ability scores created by Reddit user ToeManglerStrangler. Source code for this page is available on GitHub, and it is licensed under the GNU GPL v3.0.

How It Works

Roll 4d6 and use the sum of the greatest 3 dice to determine an ability score. Repeat this 3 more times to obtain a total of 4 ability scores. If the sum of the ability scores is less than 42 or greater than 62, restart the process. Otherwise, subtract the sum from 74, and decide the remaining 2 ability scores using the difference with the restriction that the final 2 ability scores not be less than 6 nor greater than 16.

PPB Calculator

You can physically roll dice and fill in the scores, or roll random numbers here.

Score 1:
Score 2:
Score 3:
Score 4:

Enter score 5, and score 6 will automatically be computed.

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