Video Game Randomizers


This site is a semi-comprehensive and accessible list of video game randomizers. A randomizer is a program that randomizes or shuffles specific data in a video game to create a unique experience for players each and every time they play the game.


If you would like to see a randomizer added to this list, you can submit the following Google Form. Alternatively, you can join the Randomizer Central Discord, a great place to discuss existing randomizer and how to develop new randomizers. If you'd like to contribute directly to this project, the source code is available.

About ROM Patching

Some randomizers are simply patch files that can be applied to ROM files. There is an open source online ROM patcher available so that these randomizer patch files can be applied on any platform.


Use the following search box to search the entire list. You can also click on headers to sort the table.

Note about platforms: Multi = multiplatform (available as a ROM patch or as a downloadable for Windows, Mac OS, and/or Linux). Online = browser-based/online. Win = Windows-only. Mac = Mac OSX only.

If a randomizer has a gray background, it has been depreciated and its features are available in other randomizers for the same game.

System Game Source Platform
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