Tournament Organizer

A zero dependency module for organizing tournaments

This is a work in progress and is currently incomplete and nonfunctional.

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This JavaScript module for Node.js facilitates the organization and execution of tournaments.

Tournaments can be paired by single elimination, double elimination, round-robin, double round-robin, Swiss, and Dutch.

If round-robin, double round-robin, Swiss, or Dutch are chosen, then a single elimination or double elimination playoffs can follow.

For Swiss, Dutch, and round-robin tournaments, the following tiebreakers systems are supported:

  • Buchholz Cut 1
  • Solkoff (Buchholz)
  • Median-Buchholz
  • Sonneborn-Berger (Neustadtl)
  • Baumbach (Most Wins)
  • Cumulative (and Cumulative Opponent's)
  • Versus
  • Magic TCG
    • Opponent's match win percentage
    • Game win percentage
    • Opponent's game win percentage
  • Pokemon TCG
    • Opponent's match win percentage
    • Opponent's opponent's match win percentage


npm install tournament-organizer

Basic Usage

const TO = require('tournament-organizer');

// Create an event manager
const manager = new TO.EventManager();

// Create a tournament
// First parameter can be set to a custom ID
// More options are available to set
const tourney = manager.createTournament(null, {
    name: 'My Example Tournament',
    format: 'swiss',
    playoffs: 'elim',
    cutLimit: 8,
    bestOf: 3,
    winValue: 3,
    drawValue: 1,
    tiebreakers: ['magic-tcg']

// Add players
tourney.addPlayer('Liam S');
tourney.addPlayer('Emma P.');
tourney.addPlayer('Noah B.');
// Can include custom IDs
tourney.addPlayer('Sophia R.', 'Aj3W2mZ');
// As many as desired

// Start the tournament

// Get all active matches
const active = tourney.activeMatches();

// Record a result
tourney.result(active[0], 2, 1);

// Get standings




Please only submit an issue if you encounter a bug or have a feature suggestion.

If you are interested, please feel free to fork and clone the repository (on main branch), then submit a pull request.

I am a high school teacher, and would appreciate any and all support in continuing this project.